Planning Sustainable Events & Why It’s Important

Guests enjoying drinks from a Kombi Keg

It’s no secret that the events industry as a whole can have a substantial impact on the environment. Think about the last major event you went to. How many people were in attendance? How much food was served? How many flyers and pamphlets were handed out? How much waste was generated? When you calculate how…

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15 Wedding Theme Ideas for 2022

Don’t know where to start with the wedding planning process? Why not start with a wedding theme! You can go in any direction with wedding themes, depending on your wedding location or culture. Wedding themes can not only make the rest of your planning a lot easier, but they can also be a load of…

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The Ultimate Party Planning Checklist

friends planning a party

For family events and get-togethers with friends, planning a party the old way (that is, without hiring a party or event planner) is quite doable. However, before committing to the task, you need to consider your schedule as you don’t want to be unduly stressed with party planning. To help you keep things organised, here’s…

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The Beer Brewing Process

Someone demonstrating the beer brewing process.

For some people, there’s nothing like a cold glass of beer (or two) to cap off their day. In fact, beer is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages in the world. You might also be surprised to know that, as a drink, it’s more widely consumed than coffee as it ranks third, after water…

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8 Fun Hens or Bucks Party Ideas

Whether you’re the maid of honour or best man tasked with throwing your friend’s hens or bucks party, the first order of the day is to come up with ideas for a memorable, fun event. Of course, since it’s supposed to be an occasion to commemorate their farewell to singlehood, the pressure’s on for you…

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The Ultimate Beer and Food Pairing Guide

Beer and food pairing guide beer icons.

If you drink beer with pizza, tacos or fried chicken, or have your own favourite beer and food combination, you know you’re onto something. Most people do enjoy their beer with a certain type of food, and the best beer and food pairing can significantly enhance the entire beer drinking experience. Of course, there’s always…

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