Kombi Keg Oklahoma City Mobile Bar

Our Kombi Keg mobile bar brings the party to Oklahoma City

Experience the unparalleled charm of Kombi Keg Oklahoma City, where we offer a vintage and retro Kombi mobile bar that stands out from the rest. Our Kombi is not just any ordinary pop-up party bar for hire—it’s a complete beverage solution for all your party needs.

Equipped with 6 taps, our Kombi Keg is ready to fulfil your beverage desires. You can either sit back and let us serve you or allow your guests to enjoy the excitement of pouring their own drinks. There’s something special about the draft beer flow that brings everyone involved joy.

The Kombi Keg bar is a party starter. We arrive at your event and can cater to all your guests’ drinking needs. And when the festivities come to an end, we pack up and drive away, leaving no mess, no cleanup, and no bottles to clear away. It’s that simple, that stylish, and undeniably cool. The popularity of draft beer is unmatched, making it a surefire hit at any gathering.


Serve In Style

Kombi keg offers endless service options, let us know how we can help you.

Classic + Unique

A beautifully restored VW Bus, this mobile bar is sure to please.

Roof Top TV

Watch the game, play movies and more with the roof top TV.

Oklahoma City

We serve Oklahoma City, Tulsa and all surrounding areas in Oklahoma
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How Kombi Keg Operates

The Kombi Keg mobile bar can handle the drinks at all sorts of celebrations. The Kombi is regularly hired for birthdays, weddings, cocktail parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties and much more!

We also take the stress out of party planning. Our team takes care of everything, from the transportation and arrival of the Kombi Keg to the setup of the bar area. We ensure that the entire process is hassle-free, allowing you to focus on enjoying your event.

With an extensive range of drink options available, we work closely with you to curate a selection that suits your preferences and event theme. Whether it’s craft beers, refreshing ciders, quality wines, or specialty cocktails, we’ve got you covered.


Serve your next event in style, Kombi Style

At Kombi Keg Oklahoma City, our mission is to help you host an unforgettable celebration. When you hire our Kombi Keg mobile bar, you can expect a range of fantastic inclusions:

  • Instant chill beer cooling system to keep your beverages pouring refreshingly cold all night long.
  • Our Kombi Keg is equipped with six beer taps, offering compatibility with a wide variety of drink choices. Whether you prefer beer, cider, soft drinks, wine, or other beverages, we have you covered.
  • We utilize food-grade CO2 gas to properly pressurize the kegs, ensuring optimal taste and quality with every pour.
  • In the rear of our Kombi, you’ll find three drinks tubs filled with ice, ready to accommodate cans and bottles.
  • Our Kombi Keg features a spacious rooftop TV, providing a captivating display for your chosen media. It’s an excellent addition for brand activations, corporate events, or simply showcasing logos, new products, or business services. However, feel free to use it in any creative way that suits your event.

It's the details that make the difference

Complete the look of your Kombi bar by choosing a bench

When it comes to crafting the perfect atmosphere for your event, we provide you with the option to select between two distinct drink serving benches. We offer a classic surfboard bench, which exudes a timeless charm and adds a touch of coastal flair to your gathering. Alternatively, we have the rustic wooden bench, which emanates a warm and inviting vibe, perfect for creating a cozy and intimate ambience.

Don’t forget about the pop-up rooftop TV!

Our Kombi van is equipped with a state-of-the-art pop-up flat-screen TV that takes your experience to the next level. With this innovative feature, you can delight in watching your favorite sports games, showcase captivating movies, display mesmerizing photos, highlight your brand logos, or even tune in to live TV, all in an unparalleled and stylish manner. It’s important to remember that a power source is required for seamless connectivity to utilise the TV.

Mobile bar service from Kombi Keg North West Sydney.

We will make sure you're set up for success

What to expect on event day when you hire a Kombi Keg

Experience hassle-free setup with Kombi Keg. Our dedicated team will handle everything, from prompt delivery to seamless bar setup. Sit back and relax while we take care of all the logistics. Enjoy expertly chilled beverages, as we prioritize refreshing drinks with perfectly chilled kegs, ensuring a delightful experience for your guests. Our friendly and professional bartenders will serve your guests with a smile, adding an elegant touch to your cocktail party. Count on our complete event support, from answering questions to assisting with drink choices and accommodating any last-minute needs. With our reliable team taking care of every aspect, you can have peace of mind and fully enjoy the festivities without any worries.


A Little History

Our Kombi:

Our beautifully restored Vintage VW Kombi van is a versatile mobile bar. With a 6-tap system, we have the ability to pour full-size & slim quarter size kegs, which hold any beverage from beer, wine, champagne, cocktails, soft drinks or just water.

Kombi Keg OKC is available as is, or we can take care of all your bar needs; working with you or your party planner, we will put together a beverage plan. It has a pop up 55-inch TV, and lighting.

Kombi Keg OKC would love to be a part of your wedding or any other celebration. Our vintage VW Kombi van is an attraction on its own, making your wedding memorable for all.

About Kombi Keg OKC

Jay and Michele are the owners and operator of Kombi Keg OKC,  Jay is a corporate GM and Michele is a hair designer. Jay is an Army veteran transplant from Ohio. Michele was born in California, lived in Europe, and settled in Oklahoma.

They are a family of 9 children and 9 grand babies. Life is always full of exciting events! with Jay’s many years of leadership and organizational skills along with Michele’s creativity and attention to detail, together they are dedicated to making Kombi Keg OKC the premier mobile bar service rental in Oklahoma.

Allow Jay and Michele help make your event unique and memorable


e: Kombikegokc@gmail.com


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Please Note

The Kombi Keg is hired out as a ‘dry hire’ with no alcohol included. As we don’t carry a liquor license we cannot directly purchase alcohol for you, but we can help you organise your kegs and drinks, and pick them up and return them to the supplier after the event. We have connections to local breweries and beer companies who can put together great packages for Kombi Keg customers. We also have 5Gal kegs that can be used for home brew, soft drink, and water. Just let us know when you book what you need and we will make it happen.

Need more info? Frequently Asked Questions

Many variable costs go into hiring a mobile bar from Kombi Keg Oklahoma City. To get a quick estimation of costs, we recommend contacting our team directly with the date of your event and the expected guest count. From there, we’ll get in touch to discuss our mobile bar hire services in more detail – including the option to have bar staff to serve guests.