Kombi Keg Byron Bay Mobile Bar

It’s not a party without the Kombi Keg

Kombi Keg Byron Bay provides a vintage, retro Kombi mobile bar with a difference.
The Kombi is your one stop bar delivering all your party need drinks.
Beer, Cider, Wine, Prosecco, Margaritas, Pimms, Rose, Canadian Club and Dry are all extremely popular choices but any drinks are possible.
Kombi Keg is fitted with 6 taps so let your imagination go wild.
We can serve you, or your guests can help themselves – everyone loves pouring a beer so let it flow…

Kombi Keg is the party starter – we drive in filled with your chosen drinks, serve all your drinking needs to your guests and in the end pack up and drive away. No mess, No clean up and no bottles to clear away. So simple, So stylish, So cool and draft beer is always a hit.

There is nothing else that can provide this kind of service with the variety of drink options.

Whether you’re planning a wedding, party or business function, our retro mobile bar will provide a unique experience at your next event.


Serve In Style

Self Serve or Bar Staff, Kombi Keg will serve your event in style.


Classic + Unique

A beautifully restored VW Bus, this mobille bar is sure to please.


Roof Top TV

Watch the game, play movies and more with the roof top TV.


Byron Bay, NSW

Friendly and professional service in Byron Bay and the surrounding areas.
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How Kombi Keg Operates

Not only does it look really cool and becomes the centre piece and talking point of the party, it provides all you with all your party needs like nothing else on the market.

With the variety of drinks we can provide including of course ice cold draft beer, Kombi Keg is incredibly versatile.
We organise all of your beverages and can supply your preferred brew at wholesale keg cost which is a much cheaper alternative to stubbies. We can good relationships with Stone and Wood brewery and Brown Brothers for wine making the total cost way below bar and even bottle shop prices. We can provide glasses, staff and all the drinks you like or we also do dry hire where you provide your own drinks and you simply hire the Kombi to dispense your drinks. We are incredibly versatile and flexible so talk to us about what you want and we will be able to make it happen.

Local venues love Kombi Keg as we are independent and by taking on all the drinks service, this is a dream for many event planers.

Once the party is over, there is no clean up required, we drive in and drive out.

It’s that simple.


Serve your next event in style, Kombi Style

The Concept

We provide the Kombi, deliver the icy cold kegs, the makings of a perfect event – all you have to do is tell us the location. Kombi Keg is fitted with 6 beer taps and a chilled boot for wine and soft drinks. The roof is fitted with a TV to display your choice of media and has LED lights for added affect. Our team can be on hand to pour for you, or you can let your guests help themselves. And once the party is over, we just pack up and drive out. It’s that simple.


It's the details that make the difference

Bench Options

The surfboard bench – this is the original and classic bench of the Kombi Keg, but we understand that not everyone wants the surfboard and that some events, prefer a classier option, so we have a rustic wooden bench option.

Rooftop TV

Pop-up flat screen TV so you can watch the game in style, show movies, photos, logos, live TV etc. Power hook up required to operate the TV.


We will make sure you're set up for success

Day of logistics

If you are getting married in the Byron Shire then you need Kombi Keg. It’s your very special day; you have already chosen this nirvana as your backdrop, and Kombi Keg will be one more thing to make your day a memorable one. We deliver Kombi Keg to anywhere there is vehicle access; whether it be a small garden wedding, a lavish party, or a beautiful beach ceremony and serve icy cold drinks direct from the taps fitted to the outside of the van. Guests can serve themselves or we can have a Kombi Keg staff member present to help you.

Our Partners


A letter from the manufacturer:

“As I arrived at the shed in the massive paddock in Bathurst I couldn’t help but notice the huge, famous ‘Mt Panorama’ lettering on the gigantic hill in front of me. Instantly one man’s name came to mind. Peter Brock.

Seeing that this old boy was purchased from the heart of Bathurst in the shadows of the mountain, and he will be going to our fifth franchisee, we have decided to call him Brocky! Soon enough, Brocky will be restored and loving his new life as Australia’s first Low Light Kombi Keg!”

And that’s how it all came to be!

Mobile: 0400 110 315

Email: [email protected]


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Please Note

The Kombi Keg is hired out as a ‘dry hire’ with no alcohol included. As we don’t carry a liquor license we cannot directly purchase alcohol for you, but we can help you organise your kegs and drinks, and pick them up and return them to the supplier after the event. We have connections to local breweries and beer companies who can put together great packages for Kombi Keg customers. We also have 19L kegs that can be used for home brew, soft drink, and water. Just let us know when you book what you need and we will make it happen.