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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to hire a mobile bar from Kombi Keg Australia?

Here at Kombi Keg Australia, we work with you to ensure you have the makings of a great party complete with a unique Kombi Keg mobile bar, all within an affordable budget. From a private house party with 20 people to weddings or corporate events for thousands of guests – we’ve got your mobile bar, bar staff and entertainment needs covered.

Each Kombi Keg Australia mobile bar operates individually and sets their prices based on the area they operate in and what they offer.

Your best option for a quote would be to contact the specific franchise in your area using our online booking form. Our Kombi Keg Australia franchisees are friendly, professional and will work with you to serve your next event in style!

What's included when I hire a Kombi from Kombi Keg Australia?

When you hire a Kombi Keg mobile bar, you get an instant chill beer cooling system and food grade C02 gas (this is used to pressurise the kegs). There are also multiple drink tubs in the rear, full of ice, to help chill any extra drinks you may want to serve. This back area can also be used as a mobile bar facility to mix your favourite cocktails or spirits.

On the day of your booking we deliver the Kombi Keg mobile bar to your location, hook up the kegs, set the pressure, and test the beer flow. We then leave you to enjoy your event and return later to pick her up. We can even provide experienced bar staff to serve your alcohol in most locations if needed.

Can I serve drinks other than beer?

Definitely! Anything that comes in keg form can be served through the freezing cold taps of our Kombi Keg mobile bars. Drinks include water, soft drinks, ciders, cocktails, spirits and more. If you’re unsure, contact us direct and we can discuss beverage options with you.

How many kegs can be hooked up to the Kombi Keg at once?

We can hook up 6 kegs at once on our mobile bar Kombi’s, or 8 if hiring the Vessbar.

Does Kombi Keg Australia supply the kegs and beer?

Kombi Keg Australia has connections with some great local breweries and all major breweries in Australia that are waiting to take your order. We make the ordering and purchasing process super simple and make it fit your budget/taste.

We also have kegs for hire that can be used for water and soft drink. Just let us know what you need, and Kombi Keg Australia will help you get it!

What bar table options are available on Kombi Keg Australia mobile bars?

The surfboard bench top is the original and classic bench top for Kombi Keg Australia, but we understand not everyone wants the surfboard. Maybe you’re seeking a mobile wedding bar and want a classier option… enter the rustic wooden bench top. When you book you can choose whichever bench best suits your event.

Do I need to supply power?

If you are wanting to run the 55″ TV, Yes. Some mobile bars from Kombi Keg Australia have been built to be fully off grid, some do require power for their chillers so please contact your local team to confirm.

Do you supply the cups?

Yes we can, just let us know what you’d like when you make an enquiry via our online booking form.

What kind of venue do I need to have in order to book Kombi Keg Australia?

It’s pretty simple, really: you’ll need a venue the Kombi Keg Australia can easily access. Most large properties are fine, but if the party’s in your backyard just check we can get the Kombi Keg in and out safely.

Kombi Keg is best used on private properties for any occasion making it perfect as a:

Most hire venues are private property, but every venue has different rules. Check your venue’s rules and regulations around the serving of alcohol and the use of a Kombi Keg. Please note it is the responsibility of the person hiring the Kombi Keg to check this out before booking as all deposits are non-refundable.

If you want to use the Kombi Keg on public/city property then check with your local city office, as you’ll require a permit.

How do I book Kombi Keg Australia?

Fill out this simple online booking form located on the webpage of your specific Kombi Keg location and one of the team from Kombi Keg Australia will get back to you soon. We will talk through your event, send you a quote, and then you can lock it in. Please note, a partial deposit fee is required to secure your booking.

What if I don’t have room for the Kombi Keg?

No problems, we have portable mini Kombi Keg’s or other rustic mobile bars on hire – please contact your local team to see what other mobile bar options we can offer you.