Portable Party Bar Hire

Planning an Event? Portable Party Bar Hire

Kombi Keg can make celebrating your birthday so much more fun. With our party bar hire, you’re sure to have a blast as you mark different milestones in your life.

It could be your 18th birthday, signifying your entry into adulthood and drinking your first legal draft beer, or your 21st birthday to celebrate getting your first pay cheque or moving into your own apartment. Or your 40th birthday where you can celebrate being middle-aged in style — there’s nothing over the hill about a Kombi Keg celebration at all, you know!

And it’s not just birthdays you can celebrate with a Kombi Keg portable bar hire. There’s engagements, graduations, special holidays, and wedding anniversaries.

So, whether you’re celebrating your engagement, college graduation, or 25th wedding anniversary or even having your Christmas Eve or New Year's party — you can always rent a portable bar from Kombi Keg.

We’re raising the bar high with our handsomely built Kombi Kegs so that you can share photos of your special celebration with friends and family. And we’re happy to say our Kombi Kegs are truly Insta-worthy.

You can check out Kombi online to see our satisfied customers sharing images of their event with a pop-up bar hire from Kombi Keg. You can do the same, too, and use the hashtag #kombikeg when you post your party pictures.

Locations Worldwide

While every Kombi Keg operates individually, we all share the same passion, to make your event as memorable and unique as you always dreamed it would be!

Memorable Celebrations with Kombi Keg

Kombi Keg is here to make amazing and happy memories for you and your guests. We can offer a full package with outdoor seating, tables, venue clearance and management. Let us know where you would like us and for how many people and we can organise the rest.

Looking after your guests or employees is our speciality, so we have a range of low and non-alcoholic cocktails to give everyone an option to enjoy their day. Pair this with super friendly bar staff and ever-flowing beer keg hire, cider and spirits and the Kombi Keg portable pop up bar will be the talking point of your next party.


Perfect for Any Event

Kombi Keg takes away the stress of serving beverages in any event. It doesn’t matter if it’s your birthday or you’re organising someone else’s special day — graduation, engagement, anniversary, hens/bucks night or just because — Kombi Keg is ready to help make the occasion a day or night to remember.


Bartenders Available

When you get a Kombi Keg, you have the option to hire our friendly and professional bartenders for your private or corporate event.


Bar Games Available

We know that you and your guests just want to have fun. So, if you need help with holding bar games to break the ice, keep your guests engaged, or simply add more excitement to your party, we have ready bar games for you.


Create Memorable Events

We’ve made creating memorable events our great mission at Kombi Keg. You can count on our commitment to make your party a truly unforgettable celebration.

How to Book A Kombi Keg for Your Next Party

Step 1
Pick Your Birthday Party Date

First things first, pick the date and time you’re planning to hold your party. Most Kombi Keg mobile bars operate 24/7, meaning we’ll come to you no matter what date and time you book. As dates fill up first, we recommend booking well in advance – especially during the warmer months, holidays and long-weekends.

Step 2
Make A Booking for Your Party

Time to book in your mobile party bar! To book, fill in our online booking form with your expected party date and time. This will send the enquiry straight through to your nearest Kombi Keg team who will check the dates and respond with availability. If you need assistance with ordering and serving beverages or keg hire, please notify us when filling out the form.

Step 3
Finalise the Finer Details

Now that you’ve booked in the dates for your upcoming party, your local Kombi Keg team will discuss the finer details such as party bar benches, party games, beverages, etc. Once you’ve booked in the rest, it’s time to kick back and relax as you can rest assured the Kombi Keg mobile bar will come to you on your party date.

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Great Times with Kombi Keg

Parties are so much better with Kombi Keg.

So why not celebrate your milestones with us? Whether it’s your own party or you’re organising a private event for your loved one, let us know how we can help.

Celebrate, unwind, let your hair down. To have a rip-roaring great time, hire a Kombi Keg mobile bar today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I hire a mobile bar for any type of party?

Absolutely! Kombi Keg can provide a mobile party bar hire for any event including your 18th, 21st, 25th, 30th, 40th, 50th etc. We also provide mobile bar hire for weddings, engagements, corporate events and private home parties.

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What’s included in a mobile party bar hire?

Every Kombi Keg mobile bar comes with ice coolers and refrigeration for you kegs, a rooftop TV which can play your media of choice, and a selection of bar tables to suit your theme. We can also provide some options extras such as party bar games and plastic cups to serve your beverage of choice.

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Where can I hire a mobile bar for my next party?

The benefit of being a self-contained mobile bar is that Kombi Keg can be delivered to virtually any locations, across 8 countries. Whether hosting your birthday party at a private residence, or a corporate event at a hired venue, Kombi Keg will work with you to provide a unique and memorable bar hire experience.

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