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Kombi Keg mobile bars don’t just work great in personal or private party celebrations. You can have Kombi Kegs set up for your corporate events, too.

Whether it’s a team-building event, roadshow, farewell or welcome party, a brand activation, or some other type of special corporate activity, Kombi Keg has your bar needs covered. With a Kombi Keg mobile bar, you'll impress both your boss and event guests for the creative approach you've taken by adding an element of surprise.

You also won’t need to worry about not having enough drinks to serve your guests. Our friendly, professional, and efficient Kombi Keg team will be there to ensure your beverage needs and keg hire requirements are met. If you need a beer, cider, spirits, water, soft drinks, and other non-alcoholic beverages, Kombi Keg can arrange it for you.

To make your event more impactful branding-wise, we can even customise our Kombis to represent your brand.

Aside from corporate events, Kombi Kegs are also ideal for sporting events, local beer festivals, expos, and other crowd-gathering activities. You can get our Kombi Keg festival bars plus have our staff serve your guests with their favourite beverages during your event.

With an event bar hire by Kombi Keg, you’ll be making event organising much easier for yourself.

Locations Worldwide

While every Kombi Keg operates individually, we all share the same passion, to make your event as memorable and unique as you always dreamed it would be!

Impressions That Last

With Kombi’s available across the globe, our teams will work with you to organise beer, cider, spirits and non-alcoholic beverages for your next corporate event. You can even customise our Kombi Keg vehicles to suit your branding for your brand activation event.

Kombi Kegs are also perfect for local beer festivals, sporting events, large corporate conferences and corporate events. We can organise bar staff to serve your favourite beverages, including non-alcoholic options where needed.



Having Kombi Keg bars for your festival or corporate event is already a major talking point in itself. It’s an indication of your creative spirit and innovative approach to event organising. It will also be one other unique feature that event attendees will never forget, whether it’s an in-house corporate event, local beer festivals, sporting events, or large client conferences.



With our international operations in eight countries, you can host corporate events globally while keeping the branding and mobile bar options consistent. So, make sure to book a Kombi Keg to add a dash of interest and fun to your overseas corporate function.


Wide Selection of Beverages

Want beer, soft drinks, cider, water, or some other drink served during your corporate event? No worries. With Kombi Keg, you’re free to decide which beverages will work and impress best.



Since our Kombi Kegs are mobile, you can hire them for your festival, sporting event, conference, or any other corporate function. For sure, we’ll get to where you are as long as it’s a place where a Kombi Keg will fit.

How To Book A Kombi Keg for Your Corporate Event

Step 1
Plan the Expected Date and Guest Numbers

The Kombi Keg can make your corporate event that extra bit special and unique. Before placing your booking, lock in your event date(s), time and expected guest count – this will allow us to assist in planning expected catering/beverage requirements. Kombi Keg can provide overnight, weekend, or full week hire of our Kombi Keg to suit the entirety of your corporate event bar hire needs.

Step 2
Book Your Corporate Event Bar

Our teams have years of experience working to create a unique and memorable corporate event. Before the corporate event, sundowner or festival, make a booking with your expected event date and time through our online booking form. You can even customise the Kombi Keg branding to suit your brand – creating the ideal brand activation event bar.

Step 3
Decide On Some Optional Extras

Want to take your corporate event or festival hire up a notch? Not only does the Kombi Keg come standard with a roof-top TV, unique bench options and coolers, we can also provide fun mobile bar party games and bar accessories. When placing your booking, let us know if you’d like to book in any optional extras and our team will work with you to create a memorable corporate event.

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Stand Out From The Crowd

As they say, we only have one chance to make a first impression, so make sure you make a favourable one with a mobile festival bar from Kombi Keg.

Get in touch with Kombi Keg to book your mobile bar for your upcoming corporate event.

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