Customisable Brand Activation Bar Hire

Planning an Event? Customisable Brand Activation Bar Hire

A brand activation event or product launch is a truly significant milestone for a company. It’s the culmination of days, weeks, months, or even years of research and hard work. So, you need to make the best of it if you are to have a successful brand activation event.

Since Kombi Kegs are customisable mobile bars, they’ll work perfectly for branding activities, particularly brand activation. And whether you’re holding your brand activation locally or in one of our international locations, you can arrange to have our Kombis branded with your logo or artwork using vehicle wraps. You can also include a custom message for your audience with the branded content.

Using Kombi Keg bars for brand activation is nothing new to us as we’ve worked with several international marketing companies. To achieve the same effect, all you have to do is tell us about your objectives so we can discuss your branding options.

Aside from these branding opportunities, choosing to have Kombi Kegs in your brand activation event ensures you’ll have a focal and talking point during your brand promotion.

If you want to make Kombi Keg an integral part of your branding strategy for the brand activation event, please get in touch with our Kombi Keg team.

Locations Worldwide

While every Kombi Keg operates individually, we all share the same passion, to make your event as memorable and unique as you always dreamed it would be!

Make Kombi Keg Work for Your Brand

To have an impactful brand activation, Kombi Keg can be tailored to represent your company branding. We have Kombi Kegs available across the globe and can have the van arrive wrapped in your own company's logo's to get your message out there.



Our Kombi Kegs are very easy to brand. By using vehicle wraps, you can ensure the Kombi Keg mobile bars in your event reflect your brand colours and logo. In doing so, you’ll be reinforcing your brand message and strengthening product recall. Having branded mobile bars also adds to your prestige as it shows customers and other guests that you’ve gone the extra mile to brand all aspects of your brand activation — including the mobile bars dispensing beverages!


Statement Piece

A Kombi Keg is a point of interest in itself because it's an unusual way of serving drinks and hiring kegs. Having branded mobile bars that are representative of your business amps up the ‘wow’ factor of your brand activation event, too.


Global Locations

Kombi Keg is available in eight countries worldwide. So, if you’re holding your brand activation in Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, South Africa, New Zealand, Switzerland, or Indonesia, you can book your Kombi Kegs there.


Wide Selection of Beverages

Just because they’re kegs doesn’t mean it’s all about beer with Kombi Kegs. To ensure that the tastes and preferences of your brand activation attendees are taken care of, you can choose from a wide range of alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage options. We can arrange everything for you. If you don't have anyone in mind, we can even refer you to our extensive network of local breweries and beverage suppliers.

How to Customise A Kombi Keg for Your Brand Activation Event

Step 1
Speak To Kombi Keg Now

When looking to customise one of our Kombi Keg’s to suit your business branding we recommend making an enquiry early as planning and customisation can take some time. Even if you’ve not yet planned the date, enquiring early will give us time to discuss options and schedule in the customisation of our Kombi Keg to suit your requirements.

Step 2
Discuss Branding Requirements and Options

Once you’ve enquired, our teamwork will provide you with branding options – allowing you to customise our Kombi Keg to suit your branding colours, styles and more for your upcoming corporate event. When the event times and dates are locked in, Kombi Keg will work closely with event organisers to create the perfect mobile bar for your brand activation event.

Step 3
Keep Your Brand Recognisable

Kombi Keg create a unique and fun mobile bar experience for your brand activation event – one that is likely to create interest and brand awareness for many years to come. When hosting the event, our Kombi Keg will be a focal talking point and is a great way to encourage guests to share images and thoughts about your event and brand online.

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Adapt the Mobile Bar to Your Branding

Brand activations are major turning points and significant accomplishments for any business. Make your brand activation truly impressive, unique, and memorable with a Kombi Keg customisable mobile party bar.

Consider customising our mobile bars to reinforce your brand message and create a favourable, lasting impression on your guests and event attendees.

Contact Kombi Keg today, so we can start working on making your brand activation event a success.

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