Kombi Keg Sunshine Coast Mobile Bar

Hire a unique mobile bar on the Sunshine Coast

Kombi Keg Sunshine Coast would like you to meet our mate, “Jimmy” the mobile bar.

A fully restored 1973 High Light Kombi that has been equipped with a 6 tap beverage system perfect for any event, from weddings, engagements and birthdays to corporate events and festivals. With cold beer, 55” flat-screen TV and plenty of extras, your next party will be one to remember – you just tell us where.

Kombi Keg Sunshine Coast is operated by two friends with 30+ years of experience in the industry, working with you to make your event stress free. It’s that easy!

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Serve In Style

Self Serve or Bar Staff, Kombi Keg will serve your event in style.

Classic + Unique

A beautifully restored VW Bus, this mobile bar is sure to please.

Roof Top TV

Watch the game, play movies and more with the rooftop TV.

Sunshine Coast, QLD

We service the Sunshine Coast, and all its surrounding regions.
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How Kombi Keg Operates

Kombi Keg is a unique and versatile mobile bar with 6 beer taps ready to pour and dispense commercial quantities of beer and other draught products, all wrapped up in a beautifully restored 1970 Low Light Kombi.

The Kombi Keg mobile bar comes with three tubs for bottled drinks and a pop up 55’ flat-screen TV to show your photos, price lists, movies, PowerPoint presentations and live video feeds. Also, power is not required for the Kombi Keg’s instant chill cooling system, which means it can go just about anywhere and still serve up ice-cold drinks.

Don’t want to just have beer on offer? No problem, anything that comes in keg form can be served through the freezing cold taps of the Kombi Keg mobile bar, including cider, soft drinks, cocktails, water and even your own homebrew!

We also offer some great added extras such as retro lawn games, dry bars and a marquee. When you hire the Kombi Keg, we deliver our mobile bar to your venue on the sunshine coast, hook up and set the pressures of the kegs and test the beer flow. It couldn’t be easier!


Serve your next event in style, Kombi Style

Kombi Keg Sunshine Coast includes:

  • An instant chill beer cooling system to get your beers cold and pouring chilled quickly;
  • 6 beer taps capable of connecting to 19L, 30L and 50L kegs of beer, cider and even wine;
  • Food grade C02 gas to pressurize the kegs;
  • Kombi Keg branded cups;
  • 3 drinks tubs in the rear of the Kombi Keg mobile bar, full of ice ready to put your cans or bottles in;
  • Multiple benchtop bar options are available;
  • Rooftop TV to show your media of choice, whether it be branding for corporate events, or images showcasing memories at your friends’ bucks/hens night.

It's the details that make the difference

Bench Options

The surfboard bench – this is the original and classic bench of the Kombi Keg giving a relaxed and beachy vibe. However, we understand that not everyone wants the surfboard and that some events prefer a classier option, so we have a rustic wooden bench option.

Rooftop TV

Pop up flat-screen TV so you can watch the game in style, show movies, photos, logs, live TV and more. Please note that a power hook is required to operate the TV at your venue on the sunshine coast.


With 30+ years in the hospitality, venue/event management and liquor industry, Ben & Andrew can help make your next race day, festival or brand activation event that much easier with practical hands-on experience.


We will make sure you're set up for success

Day of logistics

Delivery of Kombi Keg to the venue, hook up and set the pressures of the kegs and test the flow. We then leave you to it and return to pick up the Kombi after the event, also, we can provide bartenders if you require – it couldn’t be easier!


Take advantage of our optional extras:

Lawn Games

Select from some of our unique lawn games to keep your guests entertained:

  • Beer Pong
  • Bocce
  • Quoits
  • Croquet
  • Giant Jenga

Bar Tables

Let us know if you’d also like to hire our unique Kombi Keg barrel dry bars with USB charging points.

Additional Extras

Looking for some additional extras? Kombi Keg Sunshine Coast can also provide:

  • Bar Staff
  • 3×4.5m Marquee
  • A Pallet Bar

Andrew & Ben: Kombi Keg Sunshine Coast

The Kombi Keg Sunshine Coast operators are two mates with a combined experience of 35+ years in the Hospitality game.

Andrew & Ben became mates in Cairns where Andrew worked as a sales rep for a liquor company and Ben was running his family’s hotel. Fast forward a few years and Andrew and Ben had both changed jobs and both living on the Sunshine Coast. Whilst looking for ideas for a business they came across Kombi Keg. With the support of our families and girlfriends, they took the plunge.

With years of experience and contacts in the industry, Ben & Andrew will create an event worth remembering.


Contact Us Today Serve your next event in style!

Please Note

The Kombi Keg is hired out as a ‘dry hire’ with no alcohol included. As we don’t carry a liquor license we cannot directly purchase alcohol for you, but we can help you organise your kegs and drinks, and pick them up and return them to the supplier after the event. We have connections to local breweries and beer companies who can put together great packages for Kombi Keg customers. We also have 19L kegs that can be used for homebrew, soft drink, and water. Just let us know when you book what you need and we will make it happen.

Need more info? Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to hire Kombi Keg Sunshine Coast?

Many variable costs go into hiring a mobile bar from Kombi Keg Sunshine Coast. To get a quick estimation of costs, we recommend contacting our team directly with the date of your event and the expected guest count. From there, we’ll get in touch to discuss our mobile bar hire services in more detail – including the option to have bar staff to serve guests.

Where can Kombi Keg Sunshine Coast attend?

Our VW Kombi Keg can access most large properties and venues throughout our service area. The Kombi Keg mobile bar needs to be on private property, as it cannot be used on council property without a permit. Most hire venues are private property, however, every venue has different rules, so check with the venue for their rules and regulations around the serving of alcohol and the use of Kombi Keg Sunshine Coast. It is the responsibility of the person hiring Kombi Keg to check this before booking as all deposits are non-refundable.

Can you dispense drinks other than beer?

Yes! Anything that comes in keg form can be served through the freezing cold taps of the Kombi Keg. Including ciders, wine, water, soft drinks etc. You can even run your homebrew.

Can we organise keg hire from Kombi Keg Sunshine Coast directly?

Yes! Consider us your one-stop shop for your event bar needs. Although we love using our local suppliers, we can get our hands on more commercial brands if so desired. We create drink packages to suit all tastes and budgets.

Does Kombi Keg Sunshine Coast also serve the drinks?

We can supply staff with an RSA and would be happy to stay and serve your guests as an optional extra. If your mobile bar hire is for private property, there is a great chance that it can be self-serve. However, you would need to check this out for your area and your event venue.

How many kegs will I need for my event?

This is only a general rule of thumb. You know your guests better than anyone else, take into consideration the fact that you might have big drinkers or that maybe only a few enjoy a tipple.

  • 50 people (3-5 drinks per person): 1 x 50L keg, 1 x 30L keg
  • 100 people (3-5 drinks per person): 3 x 50L kegs
  • 150 people (3-5 drinks per person): 4 x 50L kegs, 1 x 30L keg
  • 200 people (3-5 drinks per person): 6 x 50L kegs
  • 250 people (3-5 drinks per person): 7 x 50L kegs