8 Fun Hens or Bucks Party Ideas

Whether you’re the maid of honour or best man tasked with throwing your friend’s hens or bucks party, the first order of the day is to come up with ideas for a memorable, fun event.

Of course, since it’s supposed to be an occasion to commemorate their farewell to singlehood, the pressure’s on for you to deliver. If you’re unsure where to start, it’s best to focus on your friend’s interests and personality while thinking up ways to organise a one-of-a-kind bucks or hens party.

To get your creative juices flowing, here are eight bucks party and hens night ideas:

Bucks Party Ideas

Looking for unique bucks party ideas? Your best mate is getting married soon, and a fun bucks party could be your ultimate pre-wedding gift for him. Whether you’re looking to plan the night of your life or the ultimate bucks weekend, we’re here to help. If your idea pad is currently empty or you feel your suggestions are lame, you might get inspired with the following ideas for a bucks party:

1. Fun at the green

If you’re a golf-loving bunch, why not organise a day of golfing out with the lads? Of course, you can make teeing off at the green extra fun by asking everyone to dress up in goofy clothes and making sure you’ve got your mobile bar serving up your favourite beer, cocktails, and spirits on standby. Hire a party bus to help you continue the bucks party on into the night.

2. Brewery tour

Is your groom a beer connoisseur? Book your own private bus or party bus to take your bucks group on a tour of the best breweries in your area! Plus, you’ll get the chance to pair your beers with delicious food.

Your crew are sure to be impressed with this great bucks party idea!

3. Action and thrills

For daredevils and adrenaline junkies, you can arrange for an experience involving the groom’s favourite thrilling activities or ones he has never tried before. It could mean driving a race car on an actual F1 track, skydiving, paragliding, bungee jumping or riding a jet boat.

Continue your adventure and make the most of the great night life your city has to offer. Head to the VIP room at your favourite club or hire a party bus to help carry on the bucks party celebrations.

4. Private box hire or backyard party

Pick a game, sporting event or concert the whole crew will enjoy and hire your very own corporate box for your friend’s bucks party. Here, you’ll be entertained and have ready access to food and drinks the whole time.

You can also have a scaled-down version of this if you’re out of time or funds. Just set up a projector in your backyard, add some fun décor, stock up on your favourite snacks, get your Kombi Keg mobile bar hire onsite and you’ve got your own private backyard bucks party to enjoy! Plus, our team at Kombi Keg are experts at organising bucks parties and are here to help make your event a memorable one.

Hens Night Ideas

As the maid of honour, you may feel like you’re running around like a headless chicken (pun intended) as the days go by without a single solid hens night solution on the horizon.

If you’re too busy or can’t seem to come up with unique hens night ideas, here are a few you might want to consider.

1. Spa day staycation

With a spa day staycation, you’ll be checking in with your besties at a hotel your friend might have been gushing over nonstop.

Check in and then head to a classy, relaxing spa (this could also be at the hotel spa) for a full pampering session. Then head back to your hotel and get room service – or you could hit the bars in the evening and paint the town red. Your group of friends are sure to be blown away by your luxurious hens party.

2. Dance class

A hens party classic. If the bride is a dancer, give a dance class a spin and attend a flirty private class to learn the basics with your girlfriends.

You can book an experience like this that comes with champagne upon arrival plus a special gift for the bride to be. Once done, you could go to a bar and test your new dance moves on an actual dance floor.

3. High tea with the ladies

Travel through time and play dress up before heading to high tea. Choose an era you’re interested in – it could be the 1800s, 1920s, 1950s and so on.

Just dress up and turn up at a classy venue to enjoy cake, cucumber sandwiches, fresh scones with cream and jam and French champagne with the girls. After you’ve spent the afternoon indulging, it’s time to head out in town! Hire a party bus to continue the hens party celebrations.

4. Trip to the wild side

For the lovable tomboy or thrill-seeker, you can have your pick of exciting activities like paintball, go karting, axe throwing, ziplining, etc.

Once you’ve had your fill of fun and adventure, head home to a backyard barbecue where everyone else is waiting to enjoy tasty food and your favourite beers and alcoholic beverages served straight from the Kombi Keg mobile bar.

Time to Make Great Memories

These days, bucks and hens parties are no longer about just hiring a party bus to take you on a wild and crazy adventure. They’re more about what you know your friend will really enjoy and cherish together with you and your mates.

If you need help planning the ultimate bucks or hens party, Kombi Keg can help. Get in touch with our team of party planners today!

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