15 Wedding Theme Ideas for 2022

Don’t know where to start with the wedding planning process? Why not start with a wedding theme! You can go in any direction with wedding themes, depending on your wedding location or culture. Wedding themes can not only make the rest of your planning a lot easier, but they can also be a load of fun!

We understand wedding decision-making can be a little daunting at the start. We’ve put together a guide of inspiration when looking for themed wedding ideas.

1) Vintage Wedding

Vintage wedding theme with a Kombi Keg Mobile Bar

Vintage wedding themes are a wonderful way of bringing the past to your wedding, with a modern twist! Vintage wedding ideas can be incorporated into every aspect of your wedding. From vintage wedding dresses and vintage wedding suits, to invitations all wrapped up in an envelope tied with a ribbon and a wax seal. Complete your event styling with the Kombi Keg Mobile Bar for that classic touch of vintage at the wedding reception.

2) Destination Wedding

Couple that planned a destination themed wedding.

With the world opening back up again, why not consider getting hitched overseas? Destination wedding ideas include wedding themes from a selection of wedding locations. From Paris to Fiji, if it’s your dream wedding location, you can make it happen!

3) Beach Wedding

An image of a beach wedding theme

If you’re planning your nuptials in summer, why not take advantage of the wedding season in Australia and get married on a beautiful beach? With wedding resorts coming to the fore, you can take your wedding theme up a notch. Plus, you create your own signature beachy cocktail to help make your wedding that much more memorable.

4) Winter Wedding

An image of a Winter wedding theme.

Summer weddings are a popular choice but when was the last time you went to a wedding in winter? For couples that want an intimate wedding, what better place than in front of a fire with fairy lights twinkling overhead? Complete the look with warm winter-themed beverages and delicacies.

5) Boho Wedding

Image of flowers for a boho wedding theme.

Dreaming of a laid back and memorable affair? Why not consider a boho style wedding. With boho weddings really anything goes! However, to get you started with some inspiration consider flowy lace wedding dresses, neutral colour palettes, white fabrics, mason jars and wooden furniture.

6) Whimsical Wedding

A couple that have planned a whimsical wedding theme.

What is whimsical you may ask? Whimsical wedding themes are inspired by fairytales, Alice in Wonderland, and anything that is magical. Common wedding elements for whimsical wedding themes include wedding lanterns, large floral arrangements, ornate wedding cakes with intricate designs, vintage brooches and hair accessories.

7) Classic Wedding

A couple who have planned a classic wedding theme.

A classic wedding is a timeless affair. The colour scheme is light and white. Elements may include wedding flower arrangements such as pale pink flowers, chrome decorations, and soft candle lighting

8) Country Wedding

Image of decorations for a country style wedding.

Do you have a large acre farmhouse property you can take advantage of? If so, a country wedding theme could be perfect for you. Add some hay bales on the wedding aisle, rustic wedding décor with some farm machinery for good measure.

9) Art Deco Wedding

Art deco themed wedding decor.

Art decor refers to wedding décor inspired by geometric shapes, especially abstract designs representing the modern era, usually depicting shapes and forms with clean lines, think Great Gatsby! A wedding theme of this style would see bold colour themes such as black and gold, jazz music, statement lighting pieces and vintage china dining sets.

10) Royal Wedding

Wedding decor for a royal wedding theme.

If you’ve been dreaming of a royal wedding since you were a child, who’s to say you can’t have one? Ditch the traditional white and pale colour scheme for regal colours such as deep burgundy, green and navy blue. Add touches of gold wedding accessories to give it that regal edge.

11) Nautical Wedding

Dining set for a nautical themed wedding.

Nautical wedding themes celebrate all things ‘ship shape and coastal fashion’. The colour scheme is navy, cream and white and wedding invitations and wedding favours are often in the shape of anchors or ships. A Nautical theme doesn’t have to be over the top or tacky. It can be subtle and casual, involving subtle motifs.

12) Modern Wedding

Dining set for a modern themed wedding.

For a wedding that is contemporary in nature, then go for a wedding theme that reflects this. For example, minimalistic styling, a modern wedding dress, fresh flowers and more. Modern weddings can be pretty much in any venue such as a garden, a hotel with large floor to ceiling windows or even an art gallery!

13) Glamour Wedding

Jewellery for a glamour wedding theme.

Your special day should be all about you! Make a statement by planning a glamour wedding. Think old-style Hollywood glitz and glamour. This wedding theme may include black, gold, stunning jewels, red bouquets of flowers and opulent venues such as grand ballrooms, dining rooms, vintage estates and more.

14) Garden Wedding

A venue for a garden wedding theme.

The garden wedding theme is all about your wedding being an intimate occasion surrounded by nature. You don’t need to find the grandest botanical garden in your city for a venue. With garden weddings, you can get creative. A garden wedding also means you’ll be surrounded by beautiful other greenery, meaning venue decor will be the least of your worries!

15) Rustic Wedding

A venue for a rustic theme wedding.

Think woody, earthy tones and plenty of natural elements to create a rustic feeling for your wedding day. A barn venue is perfect for this theme, or even an outdoor space with lots of trees and twinkling lights. Think vintage wedding dresses, and if you’re feeling bold, mismatched bridesmaids’ dresses.

Let Kombi Keg Take Care of the Drinks at Your Wedding

With all these wedding theme ideas, you should now be feeling inspired to get the ball rolling! When planning a wedding, you can’t forget about the drinks! The Kombi Keg mobile bar not only helps keep your guest’s glasses full but is also the perfect venue decoration for a variety of wedding themes. Book your Kombi Keg online today!

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