Kombi Keg Sarasota Mobile Bar

Bring retro-chic style to any event with Kombi Keg Sarasota!

Hi friends! Our retro-chic split window VW Kombi Keg is affectionately known as Lucy and she is ready to serve Southern Hillsborough, Manatee, and Sarasota Counties.

We truly have a passion for events that bring people together. Whether you’re planning a wedding, large birthday party, or small gathering; Lucy aims to meet your beverage needs while providing an unforgettable experience.

Our Kombi Keg features a unique mobile bar with 6 taps for pouring your favorite alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Additionally, it offers a chilled trunk for wine, soft drinks, and spirits, is equipped with a LED TV to display your choice of media, and features custom lighting to create the perfect setting for your event.


Serve In Style

Kombi Keg offers Attendants or full bar service for your event.

Classic + Unique

Create lasting memories with our beautifully restored, retro-chic, split window VW Bus.

Roof Top TV

Watch your favorite sports team event, movies, or photo slideshow on the roof top TV.

Southern Hillsborough, Manatee, and Sarasota Counties

Serving Riverview, Fishhawk Ranch, Apollo Beach, Ruskin, Lakewood Ranch, Palmetto, Ellenton, Bradenton, Anna Maria Island, Bradenton Beach, Longboat Key, Sarasota, and Siesta Key.
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How Kombi Keg Operates

At Kombi Keg Sarasota, mobile bar hire is a breeze. Not only does it look really cool, but it provides you with all of your beverage needs like nothing else on the market. Our Kombi Keg pop-up bar will definitely get your guests talking! We’re an extremely versatile mobile bar that can be used at events of all sizes. From brand activations and corporate events to backyard bachelorette and bachelor parties, our team is dedicated to ensuring your event goes off without a hitch!

We’ll work with you to ensure your drink menu is crafted to perfection. Kombi Keg is incredibly versatile offering 6 taps that can pour beer, wine, soda, cold-brew coffee, kombucha, and more! If spirits are on your list, Kombi Keg’s “trunk” offers bar space for that as well.

If your event or catering company supplies the drinks, we are happy to work directly with them to ensure your event goes off without a hitch!

Once the party is over, we pack up and drive out. Creating the perfect pop-up bar experience that everyone will remember!

If you’re looking for a completely customizable beverage experience for your next event, look no further than Kombi Keg Sarasota!

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Serve your next event in style, Kombi Style

Kombi Keg Includes:

  • Instant Chill Beer Cooling System
  • 6 taps capable of connecting to multiple keg sizes of the following: Beer, Cider, Water, Soft Drinks, Wine, Prosecco, Cold-brew coffee, and even Mixed Cocktails. The possibilities are endless!
  • 3 drink tubs full of ice for your spirits and mixers in the rear of the Kombi Keg
  • 2 Choices in Bar tops for customization to your event
  • 50” Rooftop LED TV
  • Options for keg pickup and drop off.
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It's the details that make the difference

Bar top Options

We have two bar top options to choose from. The original surfboard Kombi Keg bar top which just screams summer in Florida! However, if you prefer a different look, we also have a rustic wooden bar top which goes perfect with the chic style of the Kombi Keg.

Rooftop TV

The Kombi is also fitted with a pop-up flat-screen TV so you can watch the game in style, share memories at your wedding, music videos at a bachelorette party, or even display logos for corporate branding. It’s completely versatile!

Non-Alcoholic Drinks and more!

Kombi Keg has something for everyone. Did you know Kombi Keg’s proprietary system allows us to pour a wide variety of beverages; including cold brew coffee, soft drinks, water, lemonade, and much more! We can even pour wine or prosecco!

We will make sure you’re set up for success!

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We will make sure you're set up for success

Party Day!

At Kombi Keg, we want to make things as easy and stress-free as possible!

We’ll connect you with a list of suppliers for your alcoholic beverage needs and help you make selections. We can supply your needs for non-alcoholic beverages. Thereafter, we will organize the delivery of the Kombi Keg to the venue, set the pressures of the kegs, and test the flow. Once everything is good to go, we’ll leave it to you to enjoy! Or if you’ve opted for bar staff, our team will be there to serve your guests.

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Take advantage of our optional extras:

  • Bartender/Server Package
  • Yard Game Package
  • Themed Décor Package
  • BYOB Package (Brew Your Own Beer)

We have partnered with local breweries that will help you to create and brew your own beer for your special event. In addition, we can also supply locally made non-alcoholic craft sodas.

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A Little History

On the 7th of August 2015, with a dream of creating a mobile bar out of a Kombi Van, founder and co-owner of Kombi Keg, Phil Hoken, purchased a 1976 VW Kombi van from Surf St Port Macquarie, NSW, Australia. This was the beginning of Kombi Keg.

Kombi Keg now has over 50 locations worldwide, 8 of which are located right here in Florida.

Our Kombi is a 1962 VW Type 2 Splitscreen Kombi (Kombinations-kraft-wagen). It was meticulously restored in Bali, Indonesia and sailed to the USA to begin its new life as a Kombi Keg Sarasota, our Lucy!

Kombi Keg Sarasota

We are Josh & Steph with Kombi Keg Sarasota! We have been in and out of the event industry since we were teenagers. The seed for the Kombi Keg was planted many years ago when Steph found a Craigslist ad for a modified VW bus with taps on the side and painted her favorite color (Tiffany Blue).

Fast forward to the present when we were looking for our next craft beer-related adventure and we found the Kombi Keg franchise! Ultimately, Kombi Keg is the perfect blend of some of our favorite things: craft beer, traveling, parties, and classic cars!

In our free time, we enjoy the beautiful turquoise waters of the west coast of Florida, traveling, and visiting craft breweries. We are also home brewers and members of the American Homebrewers Association; we truly enjoy the creativity and art that goes into brewing beer. Recently, we have taken our passion for all things craft beer and created a YouTube channel to share our experiences!

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Contact Us Today

Need more info? Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to hire Kombi Keg Sarasota?

Many variable costs go into hiring a mobile bar from Kombi Keg Sarasota. To get a quick estimation of costs, we recommend contacting our team directly with the date of your event and the expected guest count. From there, we’ll get in touch to discuss our mobile bar hire services in more detail – including the option to have bar staff to serve guests.

Where can Kombi Keg Sarasota attend?

Our VW Kombi Keg can access most large properties and venues throughout our service area. The Kombi Keg mobile bar needs to be on private property, as it cannot be used on council property without a permit. Most hire venues are private property, however, every venue has different rules, so check with the venue for their rules and regulations around the serving of alcohol and the use of Kombi Keg Sarasota. It is the responsibility of the person hiring Kombi Keg to check this before booking as all deposits are non-refundable.

Can you dispense drinks other than beer?

Yes! Anything that comes in keg form can be served through the freezing cold taps of the Kombi Keg. Including ciders, wine, water, soft drinks etc. You can even run your homebrew.

Can we organise keg hire from Kombi Keg Sarasota directly?

Yes! Consider us your one-stop shop for your event bar needs. Although we love using our local suppliers, we can get our hands on more commercial brands if so desired. We create drink packages to suit all tastes and budgets.

Does Kombi Keg Sarasota also serve the drinks?

We can supply bar staff and would be happy to stay and serve your guests as an optional extra. If your mobile bar hire is for private property, there is a great chance that it can be self-serve. However, you would need to check this out for your area and your event venue.

How many kegs will I need for my event?

This is only a general rule of thumb. You know your guests better than anyone else, take into consideration the fact that you might have big drinkers or that maybe only a few enjoy a tipple.

  • 50 people (3-5 drinks per person): 1 x 50L keg, 1 x 30L keg
  • 100 people (3-5 drinks per person): 3 x 50L kegs
  • 150 people (3-5 drinks per person): 4 x 50L kegs, 1 x 30L keg
  • 200 people (3-5 drinks per person): 6 x 50L kegs
  • 250 people (3-5 drinks per person): 7 x 50L kegs