10 Corporate Event Entertainment Ideas

If you’re planning a corporate event, there’s a lot to consider. Importantly, what people will eat, what they will drink, how long the event will be, where such an event might be held, and more.

One of the most vital considerations you may take is how to make the event engaging and enjoyable for those who attend. In addition to the core function of the event, it can be helpful to offer entertainment, providing an enriching and enjoyable experience to those who attend. At Kombi Keg, we’ve attended plenty of corporate events. Today we’ll share with you some entertainment ideas for your next corporate event.

Create an inviting craft beer tasting station

Every corporate event needs drinks. Did you ever consider combining a functional beverage service and an entertaining focal point? Hire a Kombi Keg mobile bar! Enliven the experience with interactive craft beer stations, themed decor, and beer garden games like Giant Jenga. Customising the Kombi Keg with your company’s branding adds a cohesive touch, while live music or a DJ booth creates a relaxed ambience. 

Showcase local talent by hiring a musician

Whether you’re hosting a local event or one out-of-town, a great way to offer some  entertainment for parties and tap into the cultural fabric of the local area is by hosting some local artists to play a show. Live music is a well-founded tradition and it’s often a huge hit. Live music can create a party atmosphere, foster community involvement, and provide some great entertainment. Combined with the right food and some amazing drinks, you can create a corporate event your guests will remember for years to come!

Teach your guests something new with a cooking demonstration

Everyone loves to eat good food. However, cooking it can be a challenge. With cooking demonstrations, that challenge can be leveraged to create an engaging and highly rewarding experience with your guests. Hosting a local chef to give a demo can weave some vital community involvement into the event, and whether you learn a complex new culinary masterpiece together or engage in a basic cooking seminar, you might be surprised at what you’re able to learn. The best part? Handing out samples of the delicious dishes!

Get your creative juices flowing with an art display

Elevate your corporate event with the dynamic and engaging presence of local artwork. Enlist the talents of local artists to showcase their skills, adding a vibrant and visually captivating element to the occasion. The evolving artwork serves not only as a unique form of entertainment but also as an expression of creativity, sparking conversations and leaving a lasting impression on attendees. This visually stimulating experience brings a touch of contemporary flair to your event.

Get the crowd laughing with a stand up comedian

Bringing in a professional comedian can be a great way to let loose and bring out everyone’s humorous side. Some comedians will specialise in corporate events, offering corporate-appropriate material in their routines, or material specifically geared toward office environments. Not only can this be a great way to bring out the humorous side in the group, but laughter can be an excellent social lubricant, and you may be surprised at the networking and team-building opportunities that can arise when everyone is laughing.

Bring a little bit of magic with a magician

Who doesn’t love a good magician? A great magician can bring out the excited side in a crowd with sleight of hand, amazing effects, and a great stage presence. One of the great things about a magic act is that they’re often more than just a performer on stage. Many magic acts include volunteer performances, riffing off the audience, and other interactive elements. This can be a wonderful way to get engaged with the team, have some laughs, and take in some truly impressive craft.

Get motivated with a motivational speaker

Another great option for corporate entertainment can be having a guest speaker come and lay down some of their truth. Motivational guest speakers offer not only to entertain, but to inform. Whether you want to bring in a guest speaker to talk about workplace issues, work-life balance, or personal self-improvement, it can be not only an inspiring time for the team, but a great opportunity to have important conversations about personal growth, team work, and work life balance.

Bring your brand to life with a product demonstration

If your company sells products, why not set up a fun brand activation? It can be an excellent way to showcase your offerings and create memorable experiences for attendees. For example, a smart home technology supplier could set up a mock smart home environment where attendees can experience the convenience of your home automation products. Health and beauty product suppliers could create a beauty lounge where attendees can receive complimentary makeovers or skincare consultations using your beauty products with a little bit of creativity you could turn your own product or service into entertainment!

Capture fun memories with a photo booth

Hiring a photo booth for your corporate event adds a vibrant and interactive element that provides your guests with a tangible memory of your event. Beyond capturing candid moments, a photo booth serves as a dynamic entertainment centrepiece, encouraging attendees to engage and interact with colleagues in a lighthearted manner. The customisable backgrounds and themed props can be branded to align with the company’s image, offering a creative platform for reinforcing corporate identity.

Cater to the thrill seekers with a VR experience

Immerse your corporate event attendees in an unparalleled virtual reality (VR) experience that transcends the ordinary. With state-of-the-art VR stations, participants can embark on captivating journeys, whether it’s exploring simulated environments, engaging in interactive games, or even undergoing virtual team-building exercises. The technology’s immersive nature fosters a sense of excitement and innovation, transporting individuals to realms limited only by imagination. 

Keep your guests happy all night long with Kombi Keg!

As you can see there are plenty of simple options for corporate event entertainment that would suit a variety of celebrations. However, for those aiming to elevate their event to new heights, consider reaching out to the Kombi Keg crew. A Kombi Keg doesn’t just offer a beverage service; it provides an exceptional and unforgettable experience. Whether you’re leaning towards cocktails or refreshing non-alcoholic options, make your next corporate event truly exceptional with Kombi Keg!

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