Kombi Keg Central Texas Mobile Bar

Don't Let Kombi Keg Central Texas Drive Past Your Party!

Introducing Kombi Keg Central Texas—an innovative addition to any event. Whether it’s a wedding, bachelorette/bachelor party, birthday celebration, or cocktail party, our mobile bar is at your service. Suitable for all age groups, the Kombi Keg mobile bar adds a touch of sophistication to your celebrations.

Housed within a vintage Volkswagen bus, the Kombi Keg features six dispensers, catering to beer, wine, spirits, and soda preferences of your choosing. You have the option to select our attentive staff, provided by Kombi Keg Central Texas, or opt for a self-service approach using a custom-designed beverage menu. The Kombi Keg also boasts a built-in LED television on its rooftop, providing entertainment and a visually striking element.

If you’re planning a special celebration, you can reach out to us personally, or you can tell your party or event planner that they can contact Kombi Keg Central Texas for your next event.


Serve In Style

Kombi Keg can provide the service options you need to make your event a success, whether self service or licensed staff.

Classic + Unique

A elegant restored Volkswagen Kombi van, outfitted with 6 Bar Taps, to meet your mobile bar dream.

Roof Top TV

Watch a sporting event or play media of your choice on a mounted roof top TV.

Harker Heights, TX

Serving Central Texas areas located inside and around Bell, Mclennan, Williamson, Coryell county.
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How Kombi Keg Operates

The Kombi Keg is a dry mobile bar that will be delivered to your event an hour prior at a minimum. We will set up the beer kegs or beverages you requested and ensure they are all connected to their individual bar taps properly. Once all the kegs are hooked up and ready to serve, it is all left for you and your guests to operate unless you have requested our TABC licensed servers. Once your party or event is over, we will clean and package everything up, and roll out just as easy as we rolled in. There is no extra cost to set up and break down.

TABC does not allow mobile bars to be licensed, so we are not allowed purchase any alcohol for your event. The alcohol must be purchased from you and we will work with you to create the menu you wish to be served. If requested, we can order supplies and condiments needed to support your cocktail menu. We can also assist with picking up and transporting the kegs you purchased for the event and return the empty kegs if needed.

If you have a TABC license to sell and intend to use Kombi Keg to sell alcoholic beverages at your event, you may do so as you please. The Kombi Keg pop-up bar is perfect for brand activations, festivals and corporate events!


Serve your next event in style, Kombi Style

Kombi Keg includes:

  • Instant Chill Beer Cooling System
  • 6 beer taps capable of connecting to multiple keg sizes of the following: Beer, Cider, Homebrew, Water, Soft Drinks, Wine, and even Mixed Cocktails! The possibilities are endless!
  • 3 drink tubs full of ice for your spirits and mixers in the rear of the Kombi Keg
  • Fun bar-top choices for any event
  • Rooftop TV
  • Options for keg hire

We can also provide TABC licensed servers, a portable bar, and tables. With the right planning, we are willing to help provide anything you need to make your event a success.

Laura & Brent

It's the details that make the difference

Mobile Bar Bench Options

Create the ultimate event with our range of mobile bar bench options including the very popular surfboard bench or the more classy option, our rustic wooden bar bench. Kombi Keg Central Texas will work with you to bring your style and theme to life so get in touch to discuss your event today.

Rooftop TV

Don’t forget about our pop-up flat-screen TV so you can watch the game in style, show movies, photos, logos, live TV and more. Please note, power hook up is required to operate the TV, if a generator is needed, one can be provided for a small fee.

Non-Alcoholic Drinks and more!

Did you know Kombi Keg’s proprietary system allows us to pour a wide variety of beverages; including cold brew coffee, soft drinks, water, lemonade and much more. We can even pour Wine or Prosecco. Let us know what you’d like on tap and we’ll help make it happen.

Hannah & Dan-526

We will make sure you're set up for success

It’s time to get the party started, here’s what to expect!

Make your event day a seamless experience with the Kombi Keg mobile bar. We handle everything – from delivering the Kombi Keg to the venue, getting it set up and ready, to efficiently collecting it after the event concludes.

Should you require assistance, our skilled bartenders are happy to be at your service to ensure your guests’ glasses are never empty. Alternatively, you have the option to let your guests take the reins and pour their drinks as they desire. Just let us know!


Take advantage of our optional extras:

Lawn Games
We can provide some fun lawn games for your guess to enjoy such as Corn Hole, Beer Pong, and a Giant Jenga. Have another game in mind, let us work out the logistics to provide it for you.

Portable Bar and Tables
We have a portable bar and tables for rent that you can use and set up to meet your events needs. Especially if you are providing your own serving staff.

If your venue is not providing glassware or cups to use with your Kombi Keg rental, we can supply 12oz cups or even place an order for custom made cups with our preferred vendor.

Photo Opportunities
Take advantage of the Kombi Keg and take all the photos you want inside and around it. Thinking about a photo booth set up with the Kombi Keg in the background. Let us know and we can coordinate one for you with a preferred provider.


A Little History

Our Kombi:

Our beautifully restored Vintage VW Kombi van is a versatile mobile bar. With a 6-tap system, we have the ability to pour full-size & slim quarter size kegs, which hold any beverage from beer, wine, champagne, cocktails, soft drinks or just water.

Kombi Keg Central Texas is available as is, or we can take care of all your bar needs; working with you or your party planner, we will put together a beverage plan. It has a pop up 55-inch TV, and lighting.

Kombi Keg Central Texas would love to be a part of your wedding or any other celebration. Our vintage VW Kombi van is an attraction on its own, making your wedding memorable for all.

Let the Kombi Keg start your Central Texas Party!

Kombi Keg is more than just a mobile bar hire; it is the epitome of classic style, with a sophisticated twist of vintage. Enjoy a practical and convenient way to serve ice cold draft beer, cider, cocktails, soft drinks, water, and even wine straight from our unique VW bar.

At Kombi Keg Central Texas, we want to work our hardest to make your event an unforgettable memory for everyone to remember! Leave the work to us and allow your event to include affordable luxury that is fun for all. Whether you’re planning a formal wedding, fun reception, a unique corporate event, or birthday party, Kombi Keg Central Texas will help you create a unique and memorable celebration!

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Need more info? Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to hire Kombi Keg Central Texas?

Many variable costs go into hiring a mobile bar from Kombi Keg Central Texas. To get a quick estimation of costs, we recommend contacting our team directly with the date of your event and the expected guest count. From there, we’ll get in touch to discuss our mobile bar hire services in more detail – including the option to have bar staff to serve guests.

Where can Kombi Keg Central Texas attend?

Our VW Kombi Keg can access most large properties and venues throughout our service area. The Kombi Keg mobile bar needs to be on private property, as it cannot be used on council property without a permit. Most hire venues are private property, however, every venue has different rules, so check with the venue for their rules and regulations around the serving of alcohol and the use of Kombi Keg Central Texas. It is the responsibility of the person hiring Kombi Keg to check this before booking as all deposits are non-refundable.

Can you dispense drinks other than beer?

Yes! Anything that comes in keg form can be served through the freezing cold taps of the Kombi Keg. Including ciders, wine, water, soft drinks etc. You can even run your homebrew.

Can we organise keg hire from Kombi Keg Central Texas directly?

Yes! Consider us your one-stop shop for your event bar needs. Although we love using our local suppliers, we can get our hands on more commercial brands if so desired. We create drink packages to suit all tastes and budgets.

Does Kombi Keg Central Texas also serve the drinks?

We can supply staff and would be happy to stay and serve your guests as an optional extra. If your mobile bar hire is for private property, there is a great chance that it can be self-serve. However, you would need to check this out for your area and your event venue.

How many kegs will I need for my event?

This is only a general rule of thumb. You know your guests better than anyone else, take into consideration the fact that you might have big drinkers or that maybe only a few enjoy a tipple.

  • 50 people (3-5 drinks per person): 1 x 50L keg, 1 x 30L keg
  • 100 people (3-5 drinks per person): 3 x 50L kegs
  • 150 people (3-5 drinks per person): 4 x 50L kegs, 1 x 30L keg
  • 200 people (3-5 drinks per person): 6 x 50L kegs
  • 250 people (3-5 drinks per person): 7 x 50L kegs